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Secret project finally released

Storms light confirmed
StormsLight: Doxey and wayern by codtronxx9
StormsLight: Doxey and wayern
The two main characters of my own story I'm working on called storms light

Doxey is a mature young man with high standards, a friendly nature and the heart of a child. He is an astral seeker, a person that doesn't wish to go after mortal villians but ones created by Darkness of oblivion. He may seem gullible and someone you can't take seriously but to many he's a powerful fighter for ather(heaven in storms light).his ablittes include master sword men ship and his light/lightning powers including using proton energy and electron healing buy gathering electrons from Suger

Wayern is Doxeys compainion/sweetheart that isn't afraid to defend herself. She's sweet, headstrong and calm headed but anger her and you'll be sorry you did. She takes Doxeys safety into account and makes sure he doesn't get hurt but has faith that some dangers and challenges he can go head on and come out on top. She's his lover,support, ally, medic and best friend all together. She has the ablility of water and even turn it to ice
Which helps create a sword of her own to fight along side him
Or use water to heal his wounds

Two characters down 10 to go
The fiery joker by codtronxx9
The fiery joker
to my favorite youtuber joshscorcher

i have to say im not the most brilliant artist but i try my best and worked hard on it 
rock on and hope youll be a famous youtuber
Inches the ant by codtronxx9
Inches the ant
For my bro back at game grumps
Ross Donovan

Inches the ant.........

Work on the other four if request

Bleach OC Dentesu Tenshi by codtronxx9
Bleach OC Dentesu Tenshi
My bleach OC for trez and friends bleach group

Dentesu is a soul reaver of the soul society and known as the wolf of thunder, he holds a weapon known as jinsokuokami, a blade that's cut will not only slash but shock The life out of a hallow.

Dentesu never really hangs around people except trez and. Unfortunately Leon sangre as well

He however is deeply in love with, reaver: isane.
And only wants to be the person able to take care of her

Even go far as to capture all the slime balls that assaulted her and make sure they pay.

He's an insomniac and wanders the society grounds and even do extra training. However some nights he could hear crying from isane when she's having traumatic flashbacks in her dreams. Crawling through the window
He comforts her, and does it until she's dreaming sweetly again.

Dentesu: sleep my gentle flower, forget your nightmares diminish and return to you haven

Isane sleepily smiles :3

Why having that aspect of Dentesu because he's a guy that thinks love is not a possession, it's a privilege and a gift.

Basically Dentesu acts as isane's hidden angel ☺️


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Cody Larsen
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Favourite photographer: ansel adams
Favourite style of art: anime and game art
Favourite cartoon character: jak, sonic the hedgehog, sora, naruto ,goku, crash bandicoot
Personal Quote: holy chikido

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Hey dude you and Tyler are friends right? 
Me and him are in a Bleach OC group with several other OCs and i was wondering if you'd like to join us! :)
codtronxx9 Featured By Owner May 30, 2015
Wait a few days I got stuff I'm working on.
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Leave me alone

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codtronxx9 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Warning alert

Leon Sangre artwork will be removed from my

You have made the pic but the concept you made it from will be taken down

I can explain everything
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codtronxx9 Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
Found it hell yea
davidtheotaku Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome give me a link when you post it.
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